Wrought iron fencing is extremely strong and durable, it is highly decorative and looks amazing when installed in the right environment. Furthermore, the workmanship and skills that goes into making wrought iron fencing and gates are second to none.

Wood is probably the main material used in fencing, it is easy to work with and when regularly and appropriately treated, holds up to the elements pretty well.

However, it is hard for either of them to compete with aluminium. Whether you need to enclose a residential, commercial, or industrial space, aluminium fencing will work beautifully. It’s strong, reliable, and requires very little maintenance.

What are the benefits of aluminium fencing?

Totally versatile

Aluminium fencing is great for modular wall fencing because it can be built to different height specifications, it can be adjusted to fit your space, so you can use it on flat surfaces or on slopes. It is available in a range of colours and finishes, offering many classic and contemporary design options, allowing you to create a privacy in the perfect style for your property.

Suitable for most budget

Compared with wrought iron and steel, aluminium fencing is extremely affordable. It is more readily available and much cheaper to manufacture, and while its upfront cost is more than most wooden fences, it won’t incur additional maintenance costs. Aluminium fencing is a long-term investment that will last for years to come.


Aluminium is a highly corrosion resistant material, so unlike iron or steel, aluminium fencing will not rust. And unlike wood, it also won’t rot, fade or splinter. Aluminium will not absorb moisture and will not be damaged by sunlight, extreme weather conditions or termites and pests, ensuring your fence stays looking good year after year.

Virtually maintenance free

Unlike wrought iron or wood, aluminium fencing does not require staining or painting. Aluminium fencing is covered in a powder paint coating during manufacturing, which fuses the paint to the metal surface, so that the fence will last for decades without showing signs of wear. All that is required is the occasional hose down.

Safety and security

Fencing is often used for, utilitarian purposes such as security and perimeter protection rather than simply aesthetics so safety and reliability are paramount. Wood fences can easily be scaled, chain link fencing and be cut but aluminium fences, when topped with anti-vandal-scaling barriers are much more difficult to breach.

Aesthetically pleasing

With the 6 contemporary styles and colours available, our Marano aluminium fencing will be a beautiful addition to any property and will blend with almost any landscape, providing all the elegance and stateliness of iron and affordability of timber without the maintenance cost. Aluminium fence slats can be incorporated into steel gate frames and fixed to the external face of any fence posts allowing you create a stunning privacy fence that will last for years to come.