Modular aluminium fencing systems are becoming increasingly popular due to its numerous advantages. Amongst the various options available, Marano Fencing stands out for its long-lasting, low-maintenance, and lightweight features. The versatility of these systems allows for the creation of unique and modern styles that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any property.

A Closer Look at Modular Aluminium Fencing Systems

Marano Fencing is a type of aluminium fencing that is designed for flexibility and durability. This system is renowned for its low maintenance requirements and lightweight nature, making it an excellent choice for both domestic and commercial applications.

What Are The Benefits Of Aluminium Fencing?


Modular Design

One of the main features that set Marano Fencing apart is its fully modular design. This innovative approach allows for easy installation and flexibility in terms of style and design. With a variety of slats available in different finishes, Marano Fencing offers the opportunity to create a truly unique and personalised fencing solution.

Long-lasting and Low-maintenance

Unlike traditional wooden fences, aluminium will not rot, splinter, or warp, making Marano Fencing a long-lasting solution. Moreover, aluminium is naturally rust-resistant, requiring minimal upkeep. This makes Marano Fencing an excellent choice for those looking for a low-maintenance fencing solution.

The Range of Marano Fencing Systems

Marano Fencing offers a variety of systems, each with its unique features and advantages. These systems include:

  1. Marano Breeze
  2. Marano Convex
  3. Marano Stripe
  4. Marano Elements
  5. Marano Connect
  6. Marano Parallel

Marano Breeze

The Breeze system features 2.35m wide fencing slat kits designed to fit 1.2m and 1.8m posts. The slats are made from lightweight aluminium and are available in a realistic oak wood effect.

Marano Convex

The Convex system offers stylish 6m long fencing slats available in two different finishes. Choose between a realistic golden oak wood effect for a traditional look or basalt grey for a contemporary finish.

Marano Stripe

The Stripe system features double-sided fencing boards made from lightweight aluminium. One side of the board has a traditional grooved effect, while the other side offers a modern flat design.

Marano Elements

The Elements system is Marano’s most versatile offering. This 6m long fencing system allows for the creation of ultra-modern styles using double-sided golden oak or basalt grey aluminium slats.

Marano Connect

The Connect system features 6m long aluminium fence boards designed to create a stunning privacy fence. These boards are available in four different colours, offering a modern mill finish option.

Marano Parallel

The Parallel system offers fencing boards in a variety of beautiful colours. These boards can be easily incorporated into steel gate frames, creating stunning privacy fencing.

The Flexibility of Marano Fencing

Marano Fencing provides the flexibility to create either complete privacy or boards with 25mm gaps between them. The use of multiple spacers can create larger spaces between boards (e.g., 50/75/100mm), and the contemporary laser cut screens can be incorporated into the Marano Integrated system in several ways. The full-height 1825mm screens can be used in conjunction with Parallel 50, Parallel 100, Half Round and Connect 150 systems. The 300mm high laser cut screens can be discreetly integrated with the Connect 150 system using the screen fixing kits.

The Ease of Installation

Marano Fencing is designed for ease of installation. The boards and slats can easily be incorporated into steel gate frames and fixed to steel posts. The unique angle system allows for fixing almost any post, creating the privacy desired by many clients.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right fencing solution can significantly impact the look, feel, and functionality of your property. Considering factors like durability, maintenance, and design flexibility, Marano Fencing stands out as a superior choice. Its range of stylish and modern designs combined with its long-lasting, low-maintenance aluminium construction makes it an investment that will enhance your property’s value and aesthetic appeal for years to come.

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