Elements System

Elements System

One of the most basic and attractive fencing materials is aluminium, it is a strong and lightweight reducing installation costs, non ferric and will not oxidise or rust but most importantly, it is 100% recyclable and virtually maintenance free unlike other common fence choices.


The metallic properties of aluminium allow it to be recycled efficiently and incorporated into fencing and railing products with minimal environmental effects. This is what makes it such a great choice when it comes to fencing.

The Benefits

Traditionally,  fencing materials include wood and other materials which can react to elements or absorb water resulting in warping, cracking, breaking and even rotting. In contrast, aluminium is not susceptible to pest infestation and will not absorb water and rust, so heavy rain or hot weather are no problem, aluminium fencing will maintain it’s appearance for many years.

Choose Marano® Aluminium Fence System

Our Marano® aluminium fencing systems offer long lasting, low maintenance, easy to work with solutions that are also lightweight. We have 4 aluminium railing styles to choose from, slats are available in two powder coated finishes, Stripe is also available in a mill/raw finish, not only providing an aesthetically pleasing fence that will blend with any landscape, but the coating will also help strengthen and protect the installation.

Marano® is easy to install and produces stunning results that will last for years to come. These slats can be easily incorporated into designing automated gates, steel gate frames and fixed to steel posts. In fact, with the easy to fix angle system, they can be fixed to almost any post you want, creating that privacy that is requested by so many clients.

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